Bryan Galloup

bryan-smallBryan Galloup is an industry leader in the restoration of vintage electric and acoustic guitars. The Galloup Guitars shop is sought after by museums, collectors and players to restore priceless fretted instruments. The work ranges from delicate maintenance of pre-war Martins and Gibsons to the recovery of vintage electrics requiring invisible finish repairs that mimic conditions caused by age and wear.

Bryan has introduced tools and techniques that have become staples of the lutherie field. Publications and organizations that have featured Bryan’s work include Guitar Player Magazine, Bass Player Magazine, Guitarmaker Magazine, Vintage Gallery and The Guild of American Luthiers. Bryan was included among the luthiers featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s March 2007 story on custom guitars. He is a board member of The Association Of Stringed Instrument Artisans.

Bryan’s Guitars

Bryan’s handcrafted instruments are testaments to his commitment to excellence and uncompromising attention to detail. All Galloup Guitars are hand crafted, concert quality instruments that demonstrate Bryan’s deep knowledge of the guitar and its evolution. The tone woods used on these guitars are from his hand-picked woods that are carefully stored and aged, some dating back decades. All Galloup woods are of unusually high quality, but a very select number of guitars are built with Galloup Reserve Stock. Bryan finds these exceptional woods and sets them aside as the finest examples of one-of-a-kind tone wood sets—woods that meet the highest standards for beauty, clarity, rarity and tonal superiority.

Every Galloup guitar is a unique musical instrument constructed with the player’s preferences in mind. All are built by hand to ensure that each guitar has the personal fingerprint of the maker, and the individual detail work that can only be achieved through true hand-crafting. With the exception of tuners, fretwire and bridge pins, every last part of a Galloup Guitar is carefully processed, dated and aged in-house. This way, even the tiniest details meet Bryan’s ridgid standards before they’re incorporated into a Galloup Guitar.

No matter if it’s the most basic model or a coveted “Reserve Grade,” you can be assured that you’re getting a premier concert level instrument with the tone, playability and workmanship that reflect the decades of commitment of this Master Luthier.

“Bryan Galloup is a consummate builder of guitars-that-make-you-gasp. We are stunned to see workmanship and attention to detail of a level of quality last observed in the work of the late John Zeidler. Inlaid little purfling lines so delicate that it makes you wonder if the builder wore a jeweler’s eyepiece.”
Stan Jay, Mandolin Brothers

“Clean, clean workmanship and essentially effortless playability. Details such as tiny sterling silver side markers on the fretboard binding and cool tongue extensions are found only on Galloup Guitars. Bryan’s models range from HUGE voicing to even tonal balance. What’s not to like?”
Guitar Gallery

About guitar voicing

Bryan is an expert in the voicing and resonance of acoustic instruments. He has dedicated a large part of his career to understanding how the guitar works through observing and measuring outstanding vintage guitars, applying the science of acoustics and resonance. Each guitar is individually hand tuned and voiced to meet the customer’s need and preference, so it will perform in specific acoustic ranges.

The Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair

Bryan founded the Galloup School in the 1980s to fill the demand for quality luthiers in the growing vintage and high-end guitar markets. Today the school is internationally recognized, considered by most experts to be the premier training facility preparing luthiers for the future of our trade. Every guitar built in the school was painstakingly designed by Bryan to guide the student in becoming a well-rounded luthier. From the first day of class to graduation, every step is carefully planned to deliver Bryan’s curriculum successfully, without failure.

In the past 25 years, Bryan has trained hundreds of successful luthiers and industry leaders. Graduates of the Galloup School have secured positions at major manufacturers including Gibson, Fender, Martin, McPherson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Tacoma, First Act and Benedetto Guitars. In many cases Bryan’s graduates are promoted directly into the custom and pro shops. Bryan has also personally chosen graduates for apprenticeships with the country’s finest luthiers. Michael Greenfield, Ervin Somogyi, Tom Ribbecke are a few luthiers who have accepted graduates based on Bryan’s recommendation.

After many years, Bryan has fine-tuned both the curriculum and the overall experience at the school to make sure the students get what they came for. From the excellent student housing to the shop facilities, from the high quality of the lessons to the students’ consistent success in building guitars, this is the most complete and professional lutherie school in the business.

A professionally managed shop

Bryan’s years as an educator are supported by long experience in the shop. His background includes tool and die making, machining, cabinetry and furniture, machinery restoration and of course instrument building. This shop experience is essential to the operation of Galloup Guitars, a 5500 sq. ft. climate controlled environment that houses a full range of major woodworking machinery. These tools are always in proper working order, meeting ridgid safety requirements and offering students a healthy work environment.

There are multiples of much-needed machines, such as sanders and drill presses, to keep all projects running smoothly. The spray-finishing facility is nothing but the best: a 25×15 sq. ft. DeVilbiss booth with heated air makeup and a full fire retardant system. Air is filtered with two 12×12 ft. HEPA filters to ensure the safety of students and employees. Ten downdraft sanding stations eliminate excess dust, and three independent dust collectors keep the shop virtually dust-free.

Classroom benches are hand made and custom designed for efficiency. Ask anyone who has visited the Galloup shop: they are impressed by the level of professionalism, organization and the attention to detail. All this is reflected in the quality of Galloup Guitars, and these advantages benefit every Galloup School student, too!