Industry-recognized career training. Our grads get jobs.

Every class and every project has been developed over years to give you a real knowledge of lutherie. You’ll build excellent instruments here, and when you graduate you can say much more than “I made that. ” You’ll understand guitar design, construction and materials. You’ll know why your guitars (and others) sound the way they do. You’ll be ready to work in the field of lutherie.

Four Training Programs

Masters Program: Six months of in-depth training in repair and building
Journeymans Program: Eight weeks focused on repair and construction
Technicians Program: Four-day intensive for techs and music stores
Special Seminars: Weekend and week-long classes open to all

school-housingExcellent Free Housing

Our Master and Journeyman students enjoy free furnished houses with full kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, and living rooms. Relax and enjoy your time in northern Michigan during your breaks from class.

Compare your Galloup School experience to any other training

Guitar design, guitar building, guitar repair, business operation The school is in the same building as Galloup Guitars and the Galloup Repair Shop. Guitar design is not just a review of old methods here. Some of the finest guitars in the world come through this shop (or are created here). This is the atmosphere to train in: knowledgeable, businesslike and surrounded by great guitars.

Build fine instruments worth showing off

The guitars you’ll build here are not simplified hobby projects. Bryan Galloup designed these models specifically so that building them advances your skills. You’ll take away impressive instruments that say more than any words about the quality of your work.

Great shop, great tools

All the tools you’ll use are professional quality and perfectly maintained. You’re learning on the best equipment in the business.

Our grads get jobs

Click here for statements from many of the working luthiers who have graduated from our program.