Brian’s Repair Notes

For years I’ve been keeping notes on repairs. Here are some jobs that might be interesting to customers and lutherie students.

Gibson guitar neck reset

Resetting the neck, while maintaining the reverse tongue extension of the original.

Making a custom cutaway in a Gibson acoustic guitar

I usually keep vintage guitars in their original condition, but this was a fun mod to do!

Martin pickguard replacement

Old Martin pickguards tend to come off. Here’s how they’re replaced.

Martin D-45 refret

A Martin refret, with a bit of binding and purfling repair too.

Les Paul with too many output jacks

What a weird thing somebody did to this Les Paul!

Broken Les Paul peghead

Even a peghead break is this nasty can turn out great!

Fender maple neck refret

Refretting a Fender maple neck involves some special tricks.