• Michael Greenfield

  • Bob Benedetto

  • Dan Erlewine

  • Linda Manzer

  • Collings Guitars

  • Tom Ribbecke

“Thank you for his confidence and growing talents.”
Once returning home from your school, Tyler went to many music stores selling himself and showing off his guitars. He is very proud of what he has learned and now has some jobs lined up to get him going! We are VERY proud of him and we thank you and your school for his confidence and growing talents. Thanks,

- Amy Wolfe

“We are impressed with the respect he has developed for the profession.”
My wife and I want to thank you and all your staff for the excellent level of instruction that you provided for our son Nick. We are impressed not only with the high quality craftsmanship that he demonstrates but also the respect that he has developed for the lutherie profession. In the final analysis, it is that ethical commitment to quality that should be the greatest advantage that he carries away from your program. We wish you well and hope you continue to have great success with your enterprise.

- Ken & Chris Mietus