“Without a doubt the greatest experience of my life”
I want to thank you and the rest of the staff for what was without a doubt the greatest experience of my life. With me having little to no experience with power tools, you have assisted me to gain a great deal of confidence. I have gone from the mindset of “I wonder if I can really pull this off?” to “I can do this without a doubt!”. I am now confidently following the path of my passion for maintenance and repair, with even some thought of doing a little building sometime in the future. I definitely made the correct choice in schools, and I am very proud to be one of your graduates!

I also want to mention how amazing Russ is as an instructor, he definitely has the patience of a saint, and his technique of knowledge transfer is wonderful. He definitely knows his stuff, and was also well assisted by Justin. Justin’s knowledge and enthusiasm were very effective in making a “old dog learn new tricks.” All of the apprentices provided great assistance, too.

Thanks again for such a wonderful experience! You are definitely the best!

P.S. Could I possibly get a copy of the class picture, I would love to get it framed and hang it next to my certificate.

- Paul Willett

“I am writing this email to thank you and all the staff at the Galloup School for what what was an unforgettable experience for me. The professionalism and friendship extended to me whilst I was in the USA was beyond my wildest expectations. As I told you, Bryan, on more than one occasion, that when you come from the other side of the world you really don’t know what to expect and the best /worst scenarios go through your mind on a regular basis prior to arriving at the school. I can only say from my point of view everything exceeded my wildest expectations, from the professionalism shown by the teaching/instructing staff to the friendships forged whilst I was a student at the Galloup school – and the wonderful accommodations. In fact, it was an experience I will never forget for the rest of my life – and not forgetting the great guitars I have brought back to Australia. I learned so much whilst I was attending the school and I will carry these experiences with me forever, even the more challenging moments were very rewarding as these are the blocks by which our will to succeed and our character are built. I would also like to thank you, Susan, for all the help you gave me whilst I was in Big Rapids, yours and Bryans help and friendship is something I will never forget. I cannot finish this email without mentioning the wonderful teaching staff in person, Russell Olmsted is an exceptional teacher and luthier and friend. Thank you, Russ!! Many thanks also to my good friends and mentors Travis and Frank, I don’t know what I’d have done without your help. And of course you Bryan, for firstly starting this wonderful school, and for making yourself available to the students.

- Andrew Highley

“Things are working out great at First Act.”
Just wanted to let you know that things are working out great at First Act. They’ve really put my schooling to the test and have me scuff-sanding sprayed guitars, scraping binding, doing fret dresses and fret jobs, copy-carving necks, and everything that goes along with getting necks ready for glue-up to bodies.

I’m going to start prototyping some carved tops and backs for one of our Limited Edition guitars. I got that job thanks in part to the archtop I built at your school. Thank you again for helping me land this job. I truly appreciate it.

- Christopher Moncada, First Act Guitars

“The staff made it easy and fun to learn.”
My thanks to Bryan Galloup and his staff for their help in my entrance to the world of Lutherie. The staff’s abundant knowledge of Lutherie and style of teaching made the foundation and process of guitar building easy and fun to learn. Besides guitar building, the shop also teaches a wealth of other things either directly or indirectly such as responsibility, good work ethics, cleanliness in the shop and at home, good tool habits like technique and maintenance, customer relations, and how to work with other people.

Another plus of going to Galloup School of Lutherie is the immediate start of your career coming straight out of the School. Bryan is very good at reading people and recognizing their strong and weak points such as behavior, personality, and work ethic. Bryan is able to take what he sees in a person and match them up with a job that perfectly suits them.

I was set up with an excellent apprenticeship under Ervin Somogyi. Ervin is the man and I’m learning tons about Lutherie and life through him. This apprenticeship is definitely the start of an exciting career and the beginning to a whole new life. Thank you Bryan Galloup.

- Chris Morimoto

“I thought I knew just about everything.”
After spending a lifetime with a guitar in my hands, I thought I knew just about everything in regards to them. Boy was I wrong, and my 8 weeks at the Galloup School proved it. I left there with new-found knowledge over two years ago that I am still not even close to using/digesting. Bryan’s course has left me utterly fearless in tackling guitar problems and repairs that I never would have dreamed of doing before getting my 8 week Journeyman’s certificate. In my case it is one of the best investments I have ever made. I wish I could invest the extra time to get a Masters certificate. I should have done this when I was 20. I am now currently building a business around this knowledge!

- Dan Murphy

“I have the skills and confidence for most any repair.”
After completing Bryan’s school, I have the skills and confidence to handle most any guitar repair that I’ll be faced with when I’m on the road.

Toured with:
The Black Crowes, Counting Crows, The B-52′s, The Goo Goo Dolls, Echo & The Bunnymen, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, The Tom Tom Club, and Bryan Ferry

- Doug Redler – Guitar Technician

“I recently opened my own shop.”
Hello Bryan! This is Guillaume ALIS an old student of yours (class of 2001) – you know, the one from Franceā€¦ I was on internet looking for Old ES pictures and saw pics of your shop on Erlewine site.

Well it brought back some memories – good memories. I wanted to let you know that you have played a very important role in my life and have been a positive influence. Therefore I THANK YOU for giving me the bug!!!

I recently opened my own shop in Lafayette Louisiana and was proud to hang my diploma from Galloup’s school of lutherie on the wall. Thanks again and my best wishes to you and your family. I noticed the new little member of the Galloup family – Congratulations!!!

Guillaume Alis
Ingenious Custom Guitars
4807-E Johnston street
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 303 8285

- Guillaume Alis

“The best decision I could have made for a career.”
After researching several guitar building schools online, I chose the Galloup School of Luthiery. It has been the best decision I could have made for a career as a luthier.

The course is very well organized and is complete in its content. The teachers really know their stuff and make class fun and enjoyable. I always looked forward to class.

Although I had been working in luthiery for a few years, six months at GSL opened up a new world of guitar building. It has brought my work up to a new level. I have learned new techniques and new ways of thinking.

I came away with the confidence to design and build my own guitars. The most important thing that I have learned is that this is something that I am good at and that I enjoy doing.

After school I came home to Maine and returned to work at Phoenix Mandolins. I feel that the higher quality of my work is a result of the Galloup School. I think of the whole experience as an investment in my future in instrument building.

- Jenny Warner, http://phoenixmandolins.com

“Gave me the skills and directed me to a job.”
The Master Program at the Galloup school not only gave me the skills and confidence to work in professional environment, but also directed me to a job the suited my needs perfectly. Bryan Galloup’s school gave me a great sense of the inner workings of a successful guitar shop. Bryan, a respected insider in the business, was able to match my skills with the needs of the company that I wanted to work for, and aranged my first meeting with my employer, Roger Sadowsky.

- Julian Gaffney

“Incredible program that gave me a strong foundation.”
In choosing a lutherie school I looked no further than The Galloup School of Lutherie. The curriculum was unmatched and their skilled staff delivered an incredible program that gave me a strong foundation in guitar building. Bryan’s deep connections with many great builders allowed me the opportunity to take my training to a higher level. He arranged an interview with guitar builder Michael Greenfield that led to apprenticeship working in an industry leading high-end acoustic guitar building shop. Bryan’s school will help you jump-start your career in Luthier. You won’t be disappointed.

- Larry Goedde

“I’ll be starting at Benedetto June 6th.”
Bryan, Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be starting at Benedetto June 6th.

The interview went well, and the archtop I brought from school was a hit with Bob. Thanks to you for such a great recommendation and helping to make this possible. Thanks to Russ for the guidance and training. Especially for the patience and understanding when all seemed lost at times. I wouldn’t be living my dream without all your help. The move will be a big one. It’s a long way to Savannah and just three weeks to get everything done. Somehow it will happen though. I’ll let you guys know how things are going.

Thanks again for everything

- Rick Cervone

“The guitars I built were better than any resume!”
With Bryan’s recommendation I applied for a position at Elderly Instruments, and found that the guitars I built in school made a finer first impression than any resume!

- Sam Baer

“Bryan used his connections to line up an interview with Gibson.”
After graduating Bryan’s class the most notable thing was that I had total confidence to evaluate and move forward with any situation that came across my bench. After graduation Bryan used his connections in the business to line up an interview with the head of the Gibson custom shop in Nashville TN and the rest is history.

- Sean Nicholson, Gibson Custom Shop