The voice of the instrument is my prime concern. My career has been focused on perfecting great tone, to the extent that I’ve developed my own voicing system for the control needed to meet each player’s ideal tone. My Computer-Assisted Voicing™ process is a groundbreaking approach that allows me to deliver great tone and responsiveness in every guitar.

Resonance pitch control

Throughout the building process, I am focused on the balance of a key group of issues. Balancing these issues will create the best possible scenario to deliver a concert level instrument. Through extensive research, I have isolated key fundamental, top and back resonances that produce a well balanced responsive tone with outstanding mobility. In addition, I’ve developed my patented Acoustic Weight System™ to accurately place these resonances within a specific range as not to interfere with any prime note. Manipulating the fundamental resonances of the instrument by carefully avoiding the notes actually played on the instrument will eliminate wolf tones, dead notes, and intonation issues.


My necks are either made from aged quarter sawn genuine mahogany or multi-laminated tone woods depending on the application. Each neck is reinforced with two carbon fiber graphite shafts which increase stability and reduce dead spots. Every neck has a single action or double adjustable truss rod, depending on the application.


The tone wood used on my guitars meets the highest standards to ensure not only superior tonal qualities, but excellence in stability. Hide glue construction is standard for all my models for its outstanding ability to transmit tone for better clarity and high end. I’ve even gone the extra step of custom kerfings lock or solid linings; this relieves any stress to the top and back, improving responsiveness and clarity.


Nitrocellulose lacquer is the standard finish for every guitar I make. It has been proven throughout the decades to be the premier musical instrument finish due to its outstanding tonal qualities and its ability to protect the instrument from the elements. I precisely layer each finish to the perfect film thickness needed to protect the instrument without dampening its clarity and responsiveness.


Intonation has always been a prime concern throughout my carrier. Every instrument I make incorporates several carefully balanced components that insure superior intonation. First, I CNC cut every fret board with a custom scaling ratio that is far more pleasing to the human ear. Second, I incorporate end tension adjustments that improve how the notes co-operate in the first 5 to 7 frets and finally, depending on the player’s preferences I hand cut standard intonation or a tempered system into a solid bone saddle to ensure each instrument leaving my shop is in tune.